Be the mirror you want the world to see

Do you ever catch yourself in the mirror as you pass….and realise that what you give out can sometimes be less than desirable ! Our thoughts can often surface across our face, giving the world a false impression of the real person within. Despite our attempts to be so many things to so many people, we sometimes lose our way…we allow clouds to darken our … Continue reading Be the mirror you want the world to see

Because of you….I am

So many hours wasted….how long did we sit together without a word being spoken and now when I need to hear your voice your gone. I find myself going back in time now….attempting to piece together the puzzle of our lives, our history, our place in this world. There are so many time when we all…at some stage utter the words “I wish”   and yet … Continue reading Because of you….I am

Something in the water….

We all behave in the same manner, i’ve seen it for myself; whenever we are close to a river or any body of water we all do the same thing…we stand for a moment and watch ! We seem drawn to it and for the life of me I cannot explain it ? I wonder if it has something to do with the movement, I … Continue reading Something in the water….

How to get nominated for a blogger award FAST?

Hello, reader! Today, I, as a co-author, wanted to write something for all of our other co-authors, and readers who are also bloggers. When I first started blogging,  I came across the concept of blogger awards.Being the impatient child that I am, I started stressing about why I haven’t been nominated for one yet, and how I can be.I googled it, looked it up everywhere, … Continue reading How to get nominated for a blogger award FAST?

Passionate Feeling

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about Overthinking: What Overthinking is, how is it caused? and also had given ways through which I get over Overthinking. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:    Today, the emotion that I’m gonna talk about is ‘passion.’  So, penning down a passionate poem on ‘passion.’    Passionate Feeling.      Walking down the road, I saw her … Continue reading Passionate Feeling

Life, like Ocean Waves

Life. Sweeping, swirling, winding and whirling. Beautiful and daring life. Roaring like wild ocean water, life crashes and flows. Never being broken down or upturned like a fisherman’s boat. Life sails on past the horizon, past explanation, and past the present day. Beautiful and blowing, bending and bowing. Life. The miraculous and the daring.     Queenie from written in the ink blog Continue reading Life, like Ocean Waves

a view to an end

whirled through hollowed out tunnels until end becomes sight… damned dark-in narrowing view to brink of torment tunnel’s early entrance dizzying zigzag steps, leading knowhere but strait dread ahead passhun’s polar paralysis, free-flowing towards humbleed heart in viscous taffy seman syrup strands appears shady passage will soul-suck stiff to swhallow me cold to sense it’s carnal-corpse’s frosty fresh breath, wafting by, nearly © Anthony Gorman … Continue reading a view to an end


we all are different because we all are indian we are not hindu nor muslim nor sikh nor christain we are one and only indian. 3 things india should say goodbye to:- 1)corruption- because corruption destroying the future of india 2)rape- because india is very beautiful country 3) ban cigarettes,alcohols and tabacco because youth get attracted to these very soon this independence day we all … Continue reading Thoughts

Flash Fiction Link: Pumpkin by Mark Tulin

My Aunt rushed home, loaded a cat carrier into her car and returned to the oak tree. She gently nudged the sickly animal inside and gave her a treat with a little cup of water. The female cat showed no resistance to getting inside the carrier. She was too weak to purr. Excerpt from my flash fiction story, Pumpkin, at Friday Flash Fiction. Continue reading Flash Fiction Link: Pumpkin by Mark Tulin

Divorce is very serious issue

As we all know that trust and love is the root of every relationships. when the thread of rlove and trust break it will create misunderstanding between the two. so when anybody get suffocated with this relationship then they decide to get seperated from each other but they forget that they are doing wrong because its just not a relationship it is bonding and understanding … Continue reading Divorce is very serious issue

Overthinking: Three Ways to Calm your thoughts.

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned on Jealousy, exactly what Jealousy is, how can one control it and also mentioned ways through which you can get over Jealousy. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link: Today, on request from my fellow blogger Aalap Mulik from I am mentioning my views on overthinking and also ways to overcome overthinking. Now, … Continue reading Overthinking: Three Ways to Calm your thoughts.


Originally posted on Alien Poet:
India the peninsular land of saints, A mountain of religions and beliefs, Ocean of knowledge and science, Was swallowed under the colonial rule, Lost it’s morals and unity, People forgot the ethics and divinity, Divided and ruled for half millennium, Patriots and freedom fighters, Emerged and fallen under bullets, the land of non-violence against British bullets, Fetched the freedom under… Continue reading INDIA

Independence Day

The flag is the symbol of victory, celebrating the joy of Independence. Each nation has its own flag. Pay attention to another flag to symbolise another laudable victory over one’s lower instincts, impulses, passions, emotions and desires – the flag that has to be unfurled in every human heart. When you achieve that victory, you will become the true inheritors of Bharatiya culture. Everyone must … Continue reading Independence Day

A Woman’s life

A Woman’s life is the most challenging character in itself, even if there do not exist any problems.  Change is constant in her life, be it while growing up, getting married, producing kids, or getting to work in a male dominated world.  No wonder, multi tasking comes natural to her, as her mind keeps on working and planning, to make a wonderful and perfect life, … Continue reading A Woman’s life


An excellent message on Parenting…adapted from a speech ! You will be gone soon but the children will be here; And nobody can manage anybody else’s life; though they are with you,  yet they belong not to you… You may give them your love but not your thoughts; for they have their own thoughts You may house their bodies but not their souls,  for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit even in your dreams… God will take care … It … Continue reading Parenting….


The chalices filled greedy, and the sights quick turned seedy as we flowed into… ’round ravished, ostentatious room, flaunts of mystic blood-house masks flatter past walls and cryptic spaces myriad grotesque, to gallant, burlesque in garnished guise in silk, satin-clay plastic velveteen, and feather but what, these see-through feigns they reward no eyes? ©Anthony Gorman 2018 image: pixabay Continue reading Masqueraid

I Like Being In Silence, But I Don’t Like Being Lonely

I like sitting in silence drinking coffee, drawing, imagining what the future has in store for my life, and what will happen. I like listening to classical music – music without words alone so I can narrate and sing the lyrics to a wordless symphony without outside commentary or voices. I like swaying and moving to music alone so I can dance the way the … Continue reading I Like Being In Silence, But I Don’t Like Being Lonely


A DAUGHTER –  A BOON, A STRENGTH AND A PRIDE.. Gone are the days when Parents wished only for a male child; Times have changed and Parents actually feel proud when a daughter is born. They feel more happy when they see their daughter grow, aspire high educations, achieve a good career and are the most happy when they see their daughter settled successfully. But … Continue reading A DAUGHTER – A BOON A STRENGTH AND A PRIDE..

Self confidence

In this journey of life, first and foremost, you need to have self-confidence… Today people suffer because of lack of self-confidence. There may be a few difficulties in your way, but do not be unduly perturbed. You should face all hardships with courage and conviction. Only then you will attain true happiness. If you have total faith in God, you will be able to overcome … Continue reading Self confidence