As a human being we all have a book known as life. It doesn’t matter that you are rich or … More

the song

step strong into the song rhythms rumbling ‘neath your tired toes celestial strings bend  and bleed, aching so. ears hum- … More


it was orange, mainly that bled rays through timid trees nature’s supple light spilled lavish in thick milk and hot … More


cool dances in timid fires hottest heels hoisted higher- hearty flames tender  no present danger when thirst- wet slave to … More

Hello Life

We all have to say a big hello to life as life is the precious gift of god but we … More


tied a knot, never got it right, rope over rope, through loops pulled tight fell apart in front of eyes … More

late for parade

clapped and snapped- the gloved, plaid-claid palms of phantom valiants in shifty time zones, strangling, triangulated  for bermuda to sliding … More


I still find you in the most unexpected places . Amidst the pages of my favourite book. In the lyrics … More

grey matters spark

beckoned frantic from sunset summit of fiery feathered, smashing cliff moist ‘lectric current and rigor strapped loose, for your tuned … More

Beautiful Ugly

Originally posted on Alien Poet:
Her lips and cheeks, Invade the heart and beat, I thrive to her feet, She feels…

The captain

Originally posted on ovin:
The path was closed, can’t saw the destination we want to go The hearts were filled…