one last smoke

just one last sinking salt slicked smoke ‘fore i fail this bowing flame breeze of seasons shares its breath no … More

the truth in fear

terror is not lodged in hatred’s crawl of venom spiders towards nor speeding ghost cars, spitting iron hot asphalt or … More


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Don’t freeze me, in time immemorial, I pray, Don’t punish me, for things, I have long…

My New Nickname!??!?!

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Les is the builder/contractor, know-what-he’s-doing-kinda-guy.  I know enough to be dangerous and certainly know woodworking and…


coils waft wraith from rich mocha pond rids mad macho mind of morning fog as our forever love, once did … More

face i can’t read

she flaunts that pretty subtle face I can’t decipher true intentions invade to evade me eyes, crystal schism lips, candy … More

a house on/of fire

a thousands torch of biting, matured tongues lick childhood terror prison to its powdered pile of rotten bones. blaze lay … More

Where’s the Thing-a-ma-giggy?

Where’s the Thing-a-ma-giggy?   She:  Honey? He: (Thinking—- Oh no! I just got under this sink!) but saying: Yes Dear? She:  Where’s the … More

Passionate Feeling

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about Overthinking: What Overthinking is, how is it caused? and also had … More

a view to an end

whirled through hollowed out tunnels until end becomes sight… damned dark-in narrowing view to brink of torment tunnel’s early entrance … More

my graveyard gurl

an ode to my girlfriend. 😉 ashstone striking girl, cum here, crimson capture eyes stare silver-slices through to shivery shy … More


we all are different because we all are indian we are not hindu nor muslim nor sikh nor christain we … More


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India the peninsular land of saints, A mountain of religions and beliefs, Ocean of knowledge and…