binary blues

binary bravado develops depleted loneliness wakes to plastic bits and metal parts craves taste of tears, true pulse of heart … More

wrong turn/right exit

departed, lovely dove, mortal mercy from above on street step- peaceful, rests with broken neck washed glass was never sky … More

our water music

plunging our flow, as song heart weeps cerulean ripples lapping raw, thin cords ©Anthony Gorman 2018 images: pixabay

fuckin’ lucky

lad struts with gallant chest thrust, just that pluckin’ lucky his held, hoping true hand humbled in yours but games … More

your paper perfect face

grant my grateful fingers the trace of your perfect paper face each crease crackles with folds of essential life my … More

bless-id verge-ins

clasped curiously endearingly awkward confidingly open idealistically broken unsettleingly sincere consciously woken unflinchingly spoken naive to complexities of each others’ … More

storm’s her face

girl’s been replaced…. in her cozy-mug face, I catch a storm savage, demon conjuring skies lightning blades thrust forth, from … More

calm for concern

he’s screamed- silent, strong been clinging webs in statue stance for far too long he’s lost much, through this clutch … More

my crumpled paper love

unkrinkle my crumpled paper love there’s caring in wrinkled creases feelings in corners of folds tension increases torn into tiny … More

love’s dove

mighty fans of ivory dove wave to sky, washed with virtue in flight, thinks not of downward world’s bursting need … More

thrills in hills

lovers’ hills of velvet covers seductive dips meet curious curves fingers drift sweet knees to thighs beau slips clandestinely inside … More

shell shattered

crude seashore a slivered, treading mind needs not good remedy for the long-term me brittle body cracking, shakes whole damn … More

Paris Pose

hold that bodacious Paris pose, pleased that breeze teased that skirt so slightly skin so smooth that taking to its … More

your lips

it’s lips, your paintbrush lips i trip like tavern drunks over just to get that half inch closer, i’m yanking … More

final fling/boomerang

once more- dragging sweat of misted rapture from trembles of tawdry backroom neck graze belle’s raging, silky mane splits, wrenched … More

a crow claims branch

lone crow on collar-stiff branch from miseries of morning, to nonsense of noon through nuances of night cold, bold companion’s … More