How to stay motivated to workout when you’re “just too lazy”.


Hello, Pencliff readers!Thanks for stopping by.

Today, in this blog-post, I’m going to give the answers to some of the most common excuses that people make when they hear about regular fitness.

I know how it feels, when you really want to workout but you just can’t get up because you feel lazy.It’s a normal thing!But if you read further, you’ll learn how to deal with that and make working out a regular part of your routine in just a month.

Let’s begin.

1.Why even?

Do you want to workout to look a certain way, or to feel a certain way?

If the answer is the first one, rethink, my friend.I’ve tried working out with the first mentality, and from experience I tell you workout to look a certain way, you spiral yourself into a negative, time-consuming cycle.

But when you workout with the second mentality, which is to feel good about your body, to feel more energetic afterwards, to feel like you’re doing good to your health, you will never even need external motivation again.

2.Do you hate the gym?Problem solved.

If you don’t like the gym, ditch the gym.If you like the gym atmosphere and the motivation you get when you see other people working out , go for it!

Do what you love.As long as you’re moving, you’re good.

Open the notepad on your device right now as you read this, and list down some exercises that you like.And do them!

3.Netflix & Chill the fit way.

When I’m Netflix & Chilling, instead of sitting in my bed with blankets over me and stuffing my face with vegan ice-cream, I Netflix & Chill while on the treadmill.

That just means one small change-Instead of sitting/sleeping and watching Netflix, I walk while watching it.It’s that simple.You don’t even have to run, you just have to walk in a comfortable pace.

A TON of people already do this without knowing it.You know how some people watch TV while working out?We’re doing the same thing here-we’re watching Netlflix or YouTube while moving.

This has helped me immensely, and I feel way better about spending time watching Netflix.

4.Document your workouts.

Document your workouts and put them on your Instagram story, your YouTube channel or your blog.I promise, there’s tons and tons of people who need that motivation and who will thank you for putting your workouts out on the internet.

Become someone else’s motivation, and you will be motivated.

5.Do workout challenges.

I get more excited to workout when I’m doing a workout challenge than I am to just workout.

Just look up “workout challenge” on YouTube.You’ll thank me later.

6.Mark your workout days.

Get yourself a calendar.Mark the day off whenever you workout that day.At the end of the month, when you see the marks on the calendar, you’ll feel super proud of working out for those many days.The next month, you’ll want to mark more days off.

7.You shouldn’t.

Stop saying “I should”, “I must”, “I have to”, and start saying “I want to workout”, “I could workout”, “I can workout” instead.

When you try to force yourself to do something, you’ll be more likely to not do that thing.When you tell yourself you want to do something or you can do something, you’ll feel like doing it.

8.External motivation.

You already know this too well, don’t you?Follow fitness bloggers on YouTube, have a motivational wallpaper on your phone, all that usual stuff really makes a difference.So start doing it.These are the smallest changes you can make.

9.Have a friend do it with you.

Okay, this one’s hard.I’ve never been able to find someone who wants to workout and is motivated to do it.It’s going to be hard to find someone who is as motivated as you are, but if you do, please make the most of it!

10.What matters equally:

Eating healthy.By healthy I don’t mean restricting yourself, forcing yourself to be vegan just because it’s “the healthiest diet on the planet”(it’s not, and this is coming from a vegan), or by doing crash diets.

By healthy, I mean intuitive.Eat intuitively.

This is a vast topic, and I’m not qualified enough to write about it.But I do know quite a few things about it that could probably be helpful to you.I will write a whole new blog-post about it, sometime soon.

Thank you for reading.I hope this gives you a little push and motivation to be healthier than you were yesterday.It starts with one workout.

So to all of my co-authors and readers-I dare you.Workout today, and don’t stop till you’re done.

I promise, it’s worth it.

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