‘cornfield cain’ takes aim

through midnight, moonlit, bloodlet cornfield sketchy straw-man motions at you, bonely you he’s slashed his, jerk-crocked fiend form into plain … More


he gets hog-hearted edition of self’s psyche raging, sweat hungry “I” stoked with discharged pleas for genteel mercy goes for … More


Life has challenges Ebbs and flows Things and stuff Perception is different to everyone Can be temporary Can be long-suffering … More

heidi hiding in plain view

the more seduction heidi paints on, the further wrong she’s gone heidi bawls her special, ‘bad daddy’s girl’ stockings on … More

Acrostic on Perseverance

Sharing with my friends over here (smile) Ann – A Friend of Jesus 2013 Perseverance, secret of all triumphs. ~ … More


her thrumming wounds- not blatant on desert petal skin, nor in eggshell stem that stoops within, but in woeful way … More

highway hum

sedans, SUVs, bolting chaos down hyper humming highway outcast senses deterred by gaudy neon blur macho metal shreds rugs of … More

basic black

final time I gazed your spellbinder’s face it was alight, with fishy stories and other silly nothing things the air-balloon … More

breakfast smiles

what’s hooked your uncut attention? was it the tactless manor, my distaste chose its mention? you’re too young to be … More

human storms

something like scorn’s ruthless funnel storms tore through placid pastures in hope-filled head coal breath scene, sucked barren, cloud’s tears … More

Just Hold On

If you had met an old me, probably a year ago, I would have told you bluntly that things just…