My depositors… My frequent depositors

This quote inspired me to write this blog. Thank you Suhana Azam for the quote. Do follow her genuine works @ _quotes__ corner_

Whenever I used to hear the word “bank” I used to prejudice that it as one that deals with our money. Latter on I reminded myself that there are many others banks like blood bank, eye bank etc. This to clarify the people’s erroneous belief similar to mine. The bank account that I would like to emphasis on through this blog is about emotional bank account which is situated in our hearts, technically in Temporal lobes.

 Let me talk about my depositors, they are my friends, family, teachers, acquaintances and everybody I meet sometimes, what I see. They sowed happiness, inspiration, love, care, hatred, lonesomeness in my bank. However, I would deliberately check out statuses of recent add ups. I refuse to care about rest of my depositors. How sheepish I am, not bothering my closed one’s and my best one’s who all stayed with me through out. It’s all my mind’s conviction that they would always stay with me whatever shit I do them. I pretermit to be a regular depositor of their bank how can I be so narcistic to have a one and only profitable bank. Fortunately, I am not alone I have huge clan with similar attitude.

 With this attitude I forget my frequent depositors. My frequent depositors are my parents and it will be same for most of us. They had done a lot, they are doing a lot and they will till their last moment. They are my shelter, keeping me too secure and comfortable. I always had a huge debt in their bank which they neither minded nor complained. They always give their best to me being so selfless. I was pretermitted to them too. You may think I am cruddy soul wandering in this world. If you had thought so, you are right. If you were like me, let’s share this title ‘cruddy soul’.

 I haven’t travelledlong to be remorseful on my attitude. I always had a clean slate to rewrite mylife with the mightiest tool called change and also, I can be the change. I amsure I can’t counter balance what they had done, but I can take care of themthe best by pushing everything that I can. The first little I would take is tobe a frequent depositor infusing love and happiness in my frequent depositor’scoffers.

                                                                                                                         ~ Ambitious Flyer

Every wonderful piece of work have to be appreciated. Thank you Suhana for wonderful stimulative quote. Thankyou for your patient reading 😊



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