your swan sparkle

…not until i discovered the sparkle of true diamond, did I realize I had been mining coal. © Anthony Gorman … More

Happy New Year!!!!!

2019 is just around the corner. We’ve been here before- eagerly waiting to see what in store a new year…

blind martyr

a beaming bulb of vulnerability is in the offering of your blossom beauty to the thankless, smug and ugly.   … More

25 weeks strong

This poem is about my daughter, who was born as the surviving twin at 25 weeks , weighing just 1lb … More

sun’s runny dyes

join me at: Hands In the Garden fury’s flare sears lesion through soft weeps of clearing malignant tail crackling  heresies, heaven-high … More

in wildeyst stile

on FB instagram as: grumpygorman slattern scourge, lounged  amply, sly, peach nectar lizard, cult slit alligator fat feet, raised and splayed robust … More

relations’ ships….

….pass by the way,  from drape of droopy dawn to nod of protector night.  Sometimes they pass with the ease … More


on instagram as: grumpygorman wading  in wanton, lustrous  waves of dreaming dolphin vibes i signal  lurking shadow guide, then free fall … More

आओ बच्चे बने…

॰॰॰ बच्चों को फिसलने में मज़ा आता है बच्चों को तो गिरने में मज़ा आता है बच्चों को तो गिरने … More