Sleep… a self-optimising process

Sleep has done great to me

Let me share my personal experience that took place recently. I got completely stressed out with my heavy schedules. I was in agony, felt like breaking my head myself and repairing it instantly. In the fast moving it has become a habit to seek for instant solution (even I had developed this habit but I had always regretted later on my decisions taken minding this habit). Only thing that ran in mind was to overcome the stress. I surfed in internet to get some tips to overcome my problem. As usual, the tips were to do meditation, to have ample sleep, to do exercise and to take smallbreaks to relax myself. Everything I had mentioned above required self-discipline to practise them regularly. On the other hand, I wanted only instant solutions, but I tried them with little efforts. In despair, I consulted a doctor and he gave me a pair of tablets to have after dinner for next 14 days regularly. Despite taking my tablets regularly, I couldn’t feel any change in my condition. Then I decided to do my favourite job of sleeping, until I wake up myself. After a tight sleep, things started to change slowly and I felt relieved from the stress I had gradualy. Every time when I ran out of ideas sleep helps me with dreams from which Iwould pull out some ideas. When I need answers to some unsolvable questions, my sleep gives me a clue to start on. I would say, sleep is my best companion which can understand me very well and answer my dilemmas. I believe that when I sleep well, the brain receives more energy and it works at its best, so it can make best decisions for us and solving our problems. We would have heard this saying that the herd of sheep led by lion can triumph over group of lions led by sheep. Similarly, our command centre (brain) should be very active, it can control any part of body and solve all problems. Using our brain effectively will be a good solution at many situations in our life. So, friends have a good sleep when you are in a perplexed state or when you shattered. I assure you my friends sleep will definitely do you great (simply sleep optimises you)



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