an inside place

scraped childhood in her blame branded face mouse moment clasped with fondness- rose blue dawn, drawn inside, on soul’s safer … More


while crouched stiff in own desert palm for soothing, well hands breached crusting grey leaves. © Anthony Gorman 2019 image: … More

typic type tangles

sitting on salt water taffy pulled pressure pins clutching maniac monk’s fragile fender strings tugging mind’s burden blinds shielding  spider … More


freed trembling cork from tangled noose sparkler outlet studying mauve-rind loose end mended chapter,  as you sputtered last motley exhaust … More


erase hanging hate with stirred cryptic slur and wander- suck taste, like you’ve died, biting growl of thunder in septic … More

the first time i died.

was jr. high. was fat. Shane cupped my left breast, kids laughed. i swelled shut, laughed too, cried too, kinda … More


versed lids drooping, nearly in dream for you dearly, never reach me, please. © Anthony Gorman 2019 images: image:

too latte

cinnamon coils gnaw at nerves of nose, spicy-soft  sweet kind of mellow heart heat, restless cheeks shift in sweaty spotlight … More

celebrity scar

gloom-glam greased gerbil sqwheel martyr, oh, hot hatred vomit spout novelty vixen, infant’s whimpers robed in tim burton’s dreer pallet … More

criminal coy

fled suave stalker prints of dupe’s freedom dreams, caught, vacant brained, and fire-poker hot, john’d crooked, curse his name, on … More

fading in fads

every final time, i rush-start something awkward new you remind me, kindly, be true, don’t cloud heart’s crystal view © … More


jammed conveyor belt line- frets and threats reel on, sure prudence confounded by bloated belly task, blessed blights on christen … More

taste of tired

my kind of tired trickles wary wrinkles honest earned ‘fore you fled, bet someone melty soothing is saying fire wing  … More

pinch of faith

feel drawn hungry hawk pinches grain from bald palm. life’s lesson of trust, for both of us. © Anthony Gorman … More

Dr. Coke Cosby Seuss

I originally posted this before karma swat team took down the Cos. I still post it because i think it’s … More

my monsters

my monsters crowd this breathless room so many blood  bubbling things, they wish to say to you most of myth … More

pardon shun

i’ll catch each wrenching  note of you- in darkened dusts between secret sighs. corruption’s creeds, long and strong abandoned, tucked … More