in the muddled middle of the krispy Cosby crowd ALF people are not at home mashed, mixed moustache potato of … More

tauntingly tender.

on instagram as: grumpygorman She just asked for my heart.  What peacock-feather water does this girl dream she floats on? I’ve … More

static somatic

lost backpack of woods picasso rainbow streamer gleaming pallet, to monotoon mogul throne’s machine-washed tightrope whites of noize, scent-i-mental treehouse … More

twolips for tippy-toes

maiden courtship’s curious voyage twolips  reform in garden rudder’s red- ‘least  knight rider arc questing ones whose hand-held bowels bled, … More


started pyre, willing eyeballs spilling- Philly-ing, Girl Guides of the insides- killing ants in-sects dripping clown’s tears- cyanide like sex … More

my dying bryde

fairy-tail between legs vows taken lucid-lust, Passion Pit life, foresahaken for fuck-KING sake of kin. symphony pathetic shaim self-feasting, core … More

buzzurd’s breakfaust

as crippled hippe john, i tap-tipple-toed long on third choice bust’s ox nipples, Mad Men milked flesh grapes to rawhide … More

Big Announcement

I’m here just to announce something!  I’m thinking just to make alive all of my old content because I found many blogs and most of my readers are new now. So it’s better if you check my very very very first articles to know in detail how my blog actually started.

breath of spring

squints “all  night long” at flood of love light- spring’s wriggly’s spearmint baster breath teases soft, ‘gainst swan song  embalmed … More

betty’s busy branches

prototype knee-on billboard pic writhes, zipped snug in carbon cocoon each sin cycle’s time i catch stop signs, resigned i … More

My smile

The reason of my smile is my mother who always encourage me to do what I want to do The … More

blue mawnsther

blue hued cobalt monster looks  for fuzzy-slipper friend, so, so, so, lonely. in other end of red  ribbon room is … More

springing (not now, I know..but soon!)

beneath melting pale beds last season’s secrets straining for fresh light © Anthony Gorman 2019 image: image:

cutting room floor

telephantic, minor-key ivories  deflect inland wars,  no more to marrow’s babbled black & whites ripped from flushed-shit gut of dropout’s … More

jackie’s hook

tear-slit tides of low self-regime’s triggered taunts  spray in dry tirades of rancid loose lip gloss flaunts, prowling harpy’s hymnotic … More

I am deeply sad

I am deeply sad due to a terrorist attack on Pulwama. It was a very sad moment for Indian as … More


tender teased whisper’s touch yet, much of  what’s deader  grinds on rind- of coarse, that’s fine. © Anthony Gorman 2019 … More

summer setting

felt we quelled waste foolish blaze of sizzling  summer’s lazy gaze, with raging ray days of de la soul suffer, … More


basement bin laden entertainment well aware of self debasement flash those label dazzle purses famous for it’s COACH ride that … More


every tick, sinister mister creak of “look the other way” laminate stair leather spooked ship-sunk heart of  each yelpless, he-wrecked … More

this lupid (love?)

bashful flashback torches blush- spurs fluttering, ragged feather  flame flight from lavish, yawning gate of shameless shamble  sores- harmony’s chest, … More