Oblivious Obvious Musings…

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Oblivious Obvious Musings…

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If I am the voice, then you are my song,
A song I want to sing lifelong,
If you are the ocean, then I am the wave,
Hide me forever in your arms just like a babe.


Over the bridge, I wait for those tender moment,
Like a Hornbill bird thirsts for the first rain,
Life with all it’s harshness, couldn’t my spirit drain,
The free spirit breeds in me still, may be a tad dorment.


Somedays passed by, without much words,
Cause the language of silence cut across like a dart,
There are days, when I felt the burden of your heart,
Yet the presence mattered, inspite of the delicate loads.


I look up and see the blue sky with twinkling stars,
And I wonder what fate has for me except these scars,
One thing I know, stories has an ending,
But in life, every ending…

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