rest lest

ocular milk saucers raked raw
by flaming fork finger scratch,

pained, wiping window thru sepia
obscene yolk sticky string

breathing neon lamp blink ripped
and re-sown quick,  past dull
pinwheel blades of woe’s
wobbly, roof fan,

diarrhea dream cage pillow mashed
while stale gum griefs
get their well workin”tween 
old ochre bones,

moist heave gripes at neighbours’
snow white trash scaling
aerial nose-hair like
flatworm vines,

fossil crust,  fixing to bypass corners
just dead, rusted silverwings-
come stirring dirge of spring

pulse comatosis, to the ghostly aghast,
scarfed and blame barfed many
grizzled “harmless”  hoax bites,

creep couraged but cautious-
wise widows of ceaseless
numb nights.

© Anthony Gorman 2019




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