Time and Again…

For my Pencliff Friends. Happy Reading and Happy Blogging 😃

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Time and again I ask myself, Is this worth it,
Time and again I ask myself, why make a fool of yourself,
Time and again I repeat the same mistake with my heart,
Time and again, I hurt myself and my heart like a fool.

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Love beckons from unknown sources, but no,
Alas, my heart seeks the known hurt and pain,
Like a fool, I end up at the same doorstep,
Where, I know, this will never last a lifetime.

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Why does this happen, I wonder?
Why is unattainable, so alluring?
Why the heart wants, what it can’t get?
Why do I induce so much pain for myself?


Am I my own enemy, I wonder,
For no one hurts me, like I hurt myself,
I always seek what I can’t get, ending up with,
A scarred heart and one more frozen memory.

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    1. Thank you Rohit ji…they say time heals but time also repeats sometimes I feel ….sadly sometimes our past mistakes.
      Long time na….we haven’t met after Pencliff introduction in author chat forum. How are things?


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