My smile

The reason of my smile is my mother who always encourage me to do what I want to do The … More

I am deeply sad

I am deeply sad due to a terrorist attack on Pulwama. It was a very sad moment for Indian as … More


Dont worry every thing will be all write if you dont speak on time dont worry time will give them … More


I need a break from all the happening in my life because I am quite obsessed with my destiny. Harshita … More

Lets Think One More Time

Dont give up with failure because failure is there in the way of success so take failure positivelyrealise your mistake … More


we all are different because we all are indian we are not hindu nor muslim nor sikh nor christain we … More


One of the most priceless bond ever known is friendship It is a special relationships that are selfless, comforting and … More

Lovely moments

Those days were really awesome when my father was with me. I remember one day when my best friend is … More


As a human being we all have a book known as life. It doesn’t matter that you are rich or … More

Hello Life

We all have to say a big hello to life as life is the precious gift of god but we … More


He – What happened you seems upset She- I have one question in my mind but i don’t know the … More

Hello daddy

When i born you are there for me When i cried first you are there for me When i said … More

Importance of food

Where rich has ample of food to eat. On the other hand. Poor are dying for not having food. Where … More

Save Relationships

Why everybody thinks that when any fight happen we will stop talking to each other. That only increase the misunderstanding … More

Thoughts 😊

1). If i could breathe in colours I breathe red which signifies love I breathe white which signifies purity I … More


I compare myself with the bird in the cage I can fly within the walls of my home My creeping … More

What to do

The main question in everybody mind is that what to do in free time and how to use the spare … More


Motivation leads to success Self motivation leads to successful person You think that you can’t do it But ask yourself … More

Why world is so mean

This beautiful and amazing world is full of mean. When anybody needs us they talk very gently and politely to … More


मेहनत भी एक हुनर है जो गरीब से लेकर अमीर हर किसी के कदम को चूमती है इसके लिए ना … More