My New Nickname!??!?!

Originally posted on Nail in My Pocket:
Les is the builder/contractor, know-what-he’s-doing-kinda-guy.  I know enough to be dangerous and certainly know woodworking and…

Where’s the Thing-a-ma-giggy?

Where’s the Thing-a-ma-giggy?   She:  Honey? He: (Thinking—- Oh no! I just got under this sink!) but saying: Yes Dear? She:  Where’s the … More

As Mean As . . .

My Grandmother was as mean as cat shit! Back in those days, it was common to “have favorites” when it … More

Chaos to Beauty

Sounds of mistakes, that only practice can forgive, were being heard.  Rahul Gaur In his essay, Return of the Symphony, … More

Water and Words

I just read a wonderful blog about the power of water, entitled, “Water Water Everywhere, Not a Drop to Drink“. … More

Blue Butterfly

I went outside and on the rail of the back porch sat this beautiful butterfly. I feel special anytime I … More

You Decide!

It’s summer, you know what THAT means, bugs of all kinds just messing with you and they really enjoy it. … More