Author Guidelines

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Would you like to become an author? At this time we are accepting new writers to join the team. Below are the guidelines for this blog, if you accept and agree that they are fair, Please visit this page here. Thank you!

Guidelines for the authors of Pencliff:

  1. You must post only your own content unless given explicit permission from the original owner.
  2. Don’t make any copyrighted content and this is against our policy and we will remove the post if reported.
  3. Pictures of nudity or any sort of 18+ rated material is not permitted here.
  4. Adult poems are allowed but nude pictures or videos along with the poems should always be avoided.
  5. There should not be any personal attack on any person,society, community, religion, and/or country. Anything that violates this rule will be immediately removed.
  6. You are responsible for the content you write.
  7. This is purely out of own interest and this is not a paid blogging. You write and enjoy being shared with other writers, viewers, and followers. So please remember we are not currently paying writers here. 
  8. You can resign from this blog and quit writing/posting here any time. We will also remove all the content by you if requested.
  9. Respect other writers and never make any harsh statement against other’s posts.
  10. The Site Administrators have the rights to revoke your access anytime, and the rights to remove your post if anything violates the rules.
  11. Remember, the authors of this blog are here to write, and so should you. To belong as an author, you must publish at least one post.
  12. Publish at least one post per month to keep the Author role active, otherwise you are likely to be removed as an Author and will not be able to publish. Or let us know if you will not be able to publish anymore and keep your role active.
  13. You can reproduce the same content from your own blog and give a link -on your posts- to your blog to maximize the followers on your blog.

If you are an Editor, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Don’t make changes, edit, or modify content of other’s posts.
  2. Before making any big changes, let an admin know about it.
  3. Follow all the rules of an Author.
  4. Keep this blog with a professional look with clean and neat content.
  5. The admins have the right to revoke the access of an Editor if they would like to cancel and leave this blog.
  6. Treat this blog as your personal blog and help authors to enhance their writings.
  7. Give some reviews to the Authors so that they can improve their writing.