senselessons in magic

wavy high school wandhands shake, glovedand sleight, flirting what’s dry fromwhite flagged, dusk shot eyes. we’ll dissolve ways away high … More

Kodak’s Journey Home

Kodak would visit his sacred space down by the river each morning before sun’s bleed.  This moment of day was … More

draggin’ kites

reached handn’ squeezed life in it, well down deep, i  stunk of need for it- dragon kitesare closing in . my … More

in. my way out

reelin’ homesick ’nuffto spark flight, while angered angels and unicorns runnin’ stuckwheels align to stone every plushthing conceivedas me. foggy … More

© Anthony Gorman 2019


backwoods crowdthe front yard, four decimal apostrophies,tremblin’ all apology, played master card playermelodies, cradlingpaler things ‘tween shoulder slingsand other makeshift … More

barnyard bulk

misery vein deep, sleeves rolled eyeball- plunging lid to bottom ofof gumdrop and maggot bin, breath cut quarters, rationed then … More

red rum mogul

she’s dead, kabuki dolle’er a hobo’d kiss inmagazines, a lip stain halo spiton preacher’s collarsorta clean. © Anthony Gorman 2019 … More

the eye of my sunrise

This picture was taken the other mornings during one of my morning trips to a local beach. Quite a seductive … More