backwoods crowdthe front yard, four decimal apostrophies,tremblin’ all apology, played master card playermelodies, cradlingpaler things ‘tween shoulder slingsand other makeshift … More

flake shaker

shake rusty flakes of burdenfrom branches of yourswanberry tree and stare as i sproutawkward, but carefree and even moreme. ©Anthony … More

hide and speak

Come find me in the river… at Hands In the Garden.. Thank you, moon who followed me through branches down … More


I was fat,  like Shamu fat. I remember sitting solo in dunce corner of class.  You see, I couldn’t fit … More

day break-fast smiles

on instagram as: grumpygorman absorbed moment molestation of jerked from clouds attention by one note guardian’s mere murky, morning mention. a … More

in the muddled middle of the krispy Cosby crowd ALF people are not at home mashed, mixed moustache potato of … More


warning: the sun breathes death roads are death too don’t sip that water’s poisoned more war-pawns dead the air is … More

Batkid crazhe

  never knew you could Ted talk to children in juicy half-lucid transactions through your Batman vision of their Dark … More

my monsters

my monsters crowd this breathless room so many blood  bubbling things, they wish to say to you most of myth … More

25 weeks strong

This poem is about my daughter, who was born as the surviving twin at 25 weeks , weighing just 1lb … More

fool’s flight of fancy

join me at: feeling flushed, yet fluid, chasing dusts of cocaine cupid through astral orchards of sol-sprout crop comet’s frisky … More

anger and hostility….

….decay, regardless of moral intent. Battles billed with poisoned cups close in daunting breath of frost to radiant, celestial seeds … More

i’m currently draining….

… remaining vintage whine seller bottles into scar brushed toilet mouth. for more, visit my website: Hands in the Garden © … More

tiny truths

get the lighters out… 😉 true power rests in exposing wounds to you, raw and ugly don’t turn and brand  … More

nature’s salvage

hints of long-lost loving sky bled through film of scum-scratched mess nature’s breed,  on torrential quest  to right this thresheld … More


tied a knot, never got it right, rope over rope, through loops pulled tight fell apart in front of eyes … More