© Anthony Gorman 2019

the eye of my sunrise

This picture was taken the other mornings during one of my morning trips to a local beach. Quite a seductive … More

in the reeds

My morning routine includes visiting a circuit of local parks. I walk the rocks, gawk ripples, mock seagulls. Lurking in … More

breath of spring

squints “all  night long” at flood of love light- spring’s wriggly’s spearmint baster breath teases soft, ‘gainst swan song  embalmed … More

springing (not now, I know..but soon!)

beneath melting pale beds last season’s secrets straining for fresh light © Anthony Gorman 2019 image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siQXu7iXwss image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siQXu7iXwss

Batkid crazhe

  never knew you could Ted talk to children in juicy half-lucid transactions through your Batman vision of their Dark … More

my monsters

my monsters crowd this breathless room so many blood  bubbling things, they wish to say to you most of myth … More

acrylic on canvas about terrifying birds i once dreamed of © Anthony Gorman 2019

fool’s flight of fancy

join me at: https://handsinthegarden.wordpress.com/ feeling flushed, yet fluid, chasing dusts of cocaine cupid through astral orchards of sol-sprout crop comet’s frisky … More

eschew the might urge to…

….inner scold for mistakes and instances of perceived poor judgment.  Rather, explore and reflect in order to better understand their … More

crossing hearts

join me at: Hands In the Garden we peeled flaking fraud skin steel bars from failing mortal lockup to relieve grizzly … More

dirty jewel

so sure you’re  the rugged, chipped tooth charm exhumed to foil all wind-spun, spit blade harm © Anthony Gorman 2018 … More