powerful o’ shit

all i’ve known of now day’s powers to be– choking, veiny windsor knots-silks cinch, levers itch-gallows drop, dead coal, stillgrinin’ … More

knockin’ wood

my lifeline- eaten,scolded, queer? been stumblin’strangeness clear, still rather be nail,when scorn’s thedriving hammer. bashed counter grain,tempered, deepworm hole. emerging … More

9th time, no charm

eight limping lives down, ol’ Bootsy Puss squirms pastMarquis de Sadness, to paw prowl n’ rowwrrra steamy pry inside. mangy … More

bluey lune

please, if you swing don’t bring itsubtle since what you’rereally craving’sthrobbing so, through left chest,inches under buckle in equal pleasure,headlight … More

rooftops and braindrops

oh yeah, they’re out therebut don’t call ’emstranded, since landed and backhanded,we’ve stripped them all command. i’m crowding empty parties,yet … More

the inertia of motions

i’m past oldpasty taste of five-thirty, masks the teeth andwarm chlorine. chasing runawayeyes again, through factorygates into someoneelse’s brain. © … More

© Anthony Gorman 2019


backwoods crowdthe front yard, four decimal apostrophies,tremblin’ all apology, played master card playermelodies, cradlingpaler things ‘tween shoulder slingsand other makeshift … More