9th time, no charm

eight limping lives down, ol’ Bootsy Puss squirms pastMarquis de Sadness, to paw prowl n’ rowwrrra steamy pry inside. mangy … More

in. my way out

reelin’ homesick ’nuffto spark flight, while angered angels and unicorns runnin’ stuckwheels align to stone every plushthing conceivedas me. foggy … More


backwoods crowdthe front yard, four decimal apostrophies,tremblin’ all apology, played master card playermelodies, cradlingpaler things ‘tween shoulder slingsand other makeshift … More

red rum mogul

she’s dead, kabuki dolle’er a hobo’d kiss inmagazines, a lip stain halo spiton preacher’s collarsorta clean. © Anthony Gorman 2019 … More

drinkin’ rosy ink thinks

feral faun tattoos stretched pupilswith a sun-dusty rose’ssketched elegance that flirts tumbleweed to complete nothingnessin this space wept coldbut never … More

anti gravitas

as fates would taunt fact, seems i’m all wingsleast like you, it’s almost magic, alltuckered here in crease of truth’s … More

be mine, oh phantomime

oh, my goodnesses ain’t beenso daylight great, since she spots ’embalded patches in father’sbequest wallet fabric. so, i read somewherethat … More

rusty harvest hymn

i bet idle moon’s dolphinswe die swoonin’ this urge in flourescent wishesfish tank endorphin’ power surge trippin’ pivot lite switch … More

flashback, drawn swords

i conjur ether’s vapors from musky drugstore scentto new skin layer, half empty, half glass future, proper savoured onlotus petal … More

grease paint and beer goggles

dwelling lazy laser spaces from ledge creeping reznor dirgein dreaded hard-on picnic, full prick blown panic, peeling candelabra wax from … More

unmasked, a man

when i yank mask offfor the final time inreal time reveal to who’s face will they steer their final spiel, … More