Team Chat (Authors Only)

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Welcome All Authors To The Team Chat!

For a long time, we brain stormed ideas with email and on other media, but now we are trying something new. Our conversations will be on the blog. This will be different and new, but it seems to be super easy.

Quick guidelines for this page:

  • Only team members are allowed to comment here.
  • No swearing please.
  • Repeated comments will be deleted.
  • Be respectful of other authors.

Comment down below!




      1. Oh good, she has around here for sometime..and a good writer too..nice to have..lets gear up the Asana too? fact I dont get reply to the mails ..i stopped mailing..Asana..we should gear up

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  1. But Queenie, don’t you think everyone shld be informed about this page and this shld be more organized. .like we still don’t knw anything about anybody else… neither have anyone reached here…shldnt you be srnding an invite to all authors?

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  2. Hi friends !

    I am The New one… it’s like wish come true! I was wondering there’s a way to talk to each one of us here…! And VOILA! Here it is..

    Thanks for this platform !

    I am Rohit. My friends cal’ me E.T.

    I am exploring my inner Turf as well outer ! Experiencing my self through others and others through myself!

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      1. Vous êtes les bienvenus aussi Monsieur…. Glad to be of any help Rohit ji. All what you have to do is ask…..when you are stuck any where feel free to contact this page.
        Bonne chance Monsieur…..


  3. Hey everyone I’ve been doing my best to post on here at least once a month and keep up with my main blog along with working and being a full time college student. It hasn’t been easy and I’m sorry if I left you guys hanging a bit. I’ll make sure to post more often even if it’s just to say hey.

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  4. Hi all.. ..I am Anamika.. I am most honoured to be a part of this community blogging called Pencliff. Yes I do know some of you like AP, MSP, Piyush…and i got introduced to Queenie too yesterday.. but i am yet to knw others. Glad Queenie u made this platform for us to catch up with each other. And thanks a ton AP for giving us a platform like Pencliff for promoting our writings.

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  5. Hello everyone, I’m Queenie! I found this blog quite randomly and asked to be part of the team. Soon I asked to redesign the look of the blog (because I love redesigning blogs) and then after that I became an admin for it.
    People trust me, and I’m very happy and honored that you do. I’ll do my best to make sure everyone has the best experience possible with Pencliff.

    I love you all! 💙😀

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    1. Oh also! What do you think about having some graphics for the blog, like posters, logos, and other graphic design things? I love doing graphic design and art, and I’d like to make some for Pencliff. 😀

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      1. I don’t knw about others but I am totally game for it. I think some graphic works would rock this place and make it much more lively. But shldnt we get others opinion too. And AP we would sure like to know about your opinion before we redesign this platform you gave us…

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  6. Hello everyone!

    Its Piyush here from
    Sigmund had given me this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful initiative and then Anamika followed by others blog showed their love and support towards my blog. As every community has their own society, I feel Pencliff has been instrumental to get brainstormers under one hood.

    I am honoured to be an author at this great platform and will continuity to spread the knowledge and experiences that I have.

    Thank you!

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  7. Hi everyone, I am the new guy in this forum. Thankyou for providing this platform to share my thoughts and get reviews from diverse people. I feel jubliant blogging here. Thank you Anamika and MSP for inspiring me to join in this family. I feel thankfull to every author present here with similar motive with diverse thoughts.

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  8. Hey all, I want to apologize for how sporadic my posting has become; I began a new job about two months ago, and I frequently am working in areas with no cell service. So in addition to keeping me extremely busy and making it hard to find time to write, I really haven’t even gotten the chance to post some of my pre-existing work to keep up the one post per month requirement! I will try to do better going forward, but I wanted to explain my long absence. Thank you all for your understanding!

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  9. Hi my blogger friends!

    As I am member here, I wish to seek advise from blogging experts!

    Recently I referred a site on WordPress only which has Urdu 2 Hindi word meaning collection and that’s amazing!! (many of you would already know this site…)

    May be no one has seen it like this with details… However, I found one specific word very much absurd, annoying, unethical, and against my value system (and I am sure for everyone here too!) it’s alarming that how someone can use these words in open and yet we all asleep and don’t see whats happening around us !!

    Please help, how can we collectively take some right action, if you feel required!


    Quick Details here:: 


    Specific reference:: i am talking about this word::
    my concern is how can female mean nudity in any language?

    “औरत= स्त्री, पत्नी, नग्नता”

    These are my comments asking for clarity, so far no reply yet!!

    “ऐसा आपकी ही सूची में लिखा है…

    कृपया करके बताएँ कि ऊपर दिए शब्द के तीनो मतलब को आप ने किस तालीम के हिसाब से लिखा है!!”


  10. Thank You very much my blogger friends for not replying on this message… Even if I assume none of you have seen or read this in last two days.., I wish to still wait for few more days to see if any reply comes!!!


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